Parent Teacher Ambassador Community

Let's bring the parent teacher relationship into the digital age.


How we teach a student?
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We can make family time fun and educational.


YMCA has partnered with us to provide daycare.


BMO Harris has partnered with us to provide an outstanding financial option. 

About The Parent Teacher Ambassador Community

Collaborative Effort

We believe that the scholars education is the joint responsiblity of the parent and teacher. 

We have designed this page with resources to foster dialogue between the parent and teacher.


Our Team

Our hope is that the parent and teacher develop a relationship centered around the child. 


Our Philosopy

We combine love and wisdom that creates a positive environment for collaboration.

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7 Questions You Should Ask A Teacher

Improving Parent Teacher Communications

Do you know how your child learns or what they need help learning?  When parents take an interest in the childs learning it creates a better outcome for the child. We believe the Shining Star Ambassador Community is a giant step forward in the field of education. 

How Can Parents Check The Students Progress?

Watch this video that explains how a parent can monitor their child's progress in class.

Concordia UniversityConcordia University

We are there when you need help.

Concordia University and Shining Star have partnered to bridge the gap in virtual learning. By shadowing and interacting with experienced teachers, Concordia scholars receive the full experience of what it takes to be a teacher during virtual learning, which helps Shining Star scholars and teachers bridge the gap between virtual and in-person learning.

Inner City Teaching

Students in the teacher program have volunteered to tutor children. 

Make family time fun and educational with Kahoot!

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It's Game Time With ABCYA

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All Day Care Services

Milwaukee YMCA has partnered with Shining Star Christian Schools to provide day care. 

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Financial Workshops

BMO Harris has agreed to provide financial workshops to the Shining Star Christian Schools. 

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St. James Lutheran 

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