Shining Star is offering the following  parent incentive program.

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Assist ED parent engagement program will pay parents $500.00 to meet the following benchmarks:  


Dear Shining Star Parents

In the rapid shift to distance learning forced by the COVID-19 pandemic, school leaders and teachers across the country have gone above and beyond to give children and families the support they need.

Shining Star teachers and staff have worked hard to ensure students are receiving access to meals and to the devices and connectivity they need to engage in distance learning.

One lesson we have learned is that meaningful and equitable parent engagement is a critical piece of what K-8 education looks like during and after this pandemic.


All children are in school attendance at least 92% of the time* 

Class Dojo

Parents are connected to their teachers via Class Dojo.

1st Qtr Conferences 

Parents attend 1st Quarter Parent/Teacher Conferences 

Assist ED parent engagement program will pay parents $500.00 to meet the following benchmarks:

This incentive program will run between now and January 8th, 2021. The stipend will be paid out in two $250 payments via check, one payment in October and one in January. All benchmarks must be met to receive each stipend payment.

One lesson we are learning is that meaningful and equitable parental engagement is a critical piece of what K-12 education looks like during and after this pandemic.

Equipping families to support learning at home will help prevent COVID-19 from deepeninginequality for this generation of children.

We must particularly work with low-income parents,
otherwise the achievement gap will continue to grow with each school closure.

The global health crisis has parents primarily concerned about safety, and many are consideringkeeping their children at home.

 A national poll by USA Today found that 60% of parents are likely to
pursue online learning opportunities for their children rather than send them back to the classroom.

Suddenly lots of parents are doing schooling at home - parents who never intended to do that. 

At thesame time parents in Milwaukee can now educate their children virtually at home using programsprovided by private schools, including private schools that take voucher students.

Considering this situation, and per the vision and guidance of our school board, we are movingforward immediately with a 100% virtual model for educating students remotely.

We have hired highly trained subject matter experts in the field of distance learning and instructional technology.

The vision is to expand this program throughout the City of Milwaukee in 2021-22 through the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program.

3 Locations 

Shining Star Christian School


4050 N. 95th St.

St. James Lutheran 2028 N. 60th St.

St. James Lutheran 

2028 N. 60th St.

Shining Star Christian School 137 N. 66th St.


137 N. 66th St.