BMO Harris Offers Financial Literacy Classes Through Shining Star Parent Ambassador Program

BMO Harris Offers Financial Workshops

$450 banking incentives when you meet the requirements. 

Shining Star Christian Schools 526

We Are Excited

BMO Harris has agreed to provide free financial workshops.

Shining Star Christian Schools 527

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$450  bonus when you open anew BMO Harris personal checking account with
qualifying direct deposits and add more productsand services.


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Participants will learn how they can work with financial institutions to help them manage their personal finances.

Participants will learn simple strategies to build a simple budget and pay off debt.

Participants will learn what a credit score is, how to read a credit report and it's importance.

Participants will learn about methods used by identity thieves to steal personal information and how to protect themselves.

Participants will begin to prepare for retirement readiness by creating a savings plan and learning about investment vehicles that may allow them to grow their wealth.

Participants will explain common reasons why people find themselves in debt and the most common types of debt. They will describe the value of using debt management strategies such as loan consolidation, budgeting, and debt management plans. Finally, participants will compare debt management solutions and create a personal plan about how to manage their debt. 

Participants will explain the various ways to use mobile banking and how to use it in a safe, secure manner.  Also, they will be able to identify the pros and cons of using different services using mobile banking vs. branch services. 

Participants who may be thinking about buying a home will learn what financial preparation is required before purchasing a home. 

Participants will learn how the mortgage application works, the options available to them, and the costs associated with getting a mortgage. 

Participants will learn about the different life events that may require them to think about modifying their mortgage, their options and the resources available to them.